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    • Tree of Life, hand fabricated sterling silver pendant
    • Medium Blue and Black (Papilio ulysses) Shimmerwing earrings with butterfly set in sterling silver
    • Handcrafted brass earrings plated in sterling silver with solid sterling silver earwires
  • ~ Your source for beads and jewelry from around the world ~

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Tika Imports Logo & Julie Portrait

Antique Silver Jewelry ... treasures from Central Asia
Odyssia Brass Earrings ... exotic and contemporary designs
Textiles ... hand embroidered textiles from Central Asia
Dress Flowers .... traditional beaded amulets
Mala .... a multitude of prayer beads in natural materials
Shimmerwings ... sterling silver butterfly jewelry
Ojime Beads ... handcarved in the finest tradition
Mirage Beads ... color changing beads & jewelry
African Trade Beads ... vintage & antique beads from Africa