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Greetings from Tika ~ Summer is here! 
Join us in celebrating Summer Solstice with our Midsummer Giveaway!
From June 13th to June 30th 2019, we will include a gift of
25 Small Silk Sari Drawstring Pouches in all wholesale and retail orders over $100. 


The Hummers Are Back!

The Hummers are Back! At the end of February every year, Rufous hummingbirds on their long journey North from Mexico, arrive here in Trinidad, CA, where they will stay a while to feed and breed! On this evening we watched in wonder as they drank deeply from the Aloe Arborescens plant nectar... 

So happy to be back from Tucson in time to witness these magnificent birds. Hope you enjoy!

Alchemy in the Silversmiths Hands

Alchemy in the Silversmiths Hands. A short video showing Tika's skillful silversmiths in Java, Indonesia. Master craftsmen and women, the silver is heated, rolled and pounded before being worked into finished silver jewelry using traditional Javanese repousse and filigree methods with incredible delicacy and skill.

Tika in Tucson!

Tika at the Tucson Gem Show. During this annual event, the city of Tucson is filled with gem, rock, mineral and bead dealers from all over the world! This will give you a taste of our room at the Pueblo Gem Show. Thanks to Danielle, Diane, Britta and Morgan for all their hard work!

Tucson Timelapse

Tucson Timlapse. We get lots of comments from people passing through our room at the Tucson Gem Show. Most are expressing amazement and wonder at the huge transformation this humble hotel room goes through after we give it a good dose of Tika girl magic. Here's a little taste of two and a half weeks condensed into one minute at the Pueblo Gem Show!