fbpx December 5,2017

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Greetings! We are out of the office exhibiting at the Pasadena Bead and Design show We will be back in the office on Tuesday 7/26 and will ship your orders out when we return. Thank you for your patience.

Ellen & Bill and all at Tika


December 5,2017

stretch bracelets made from Antique African Trade beads, hand carved bone and brass

With the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show coming up in a little over month,
we thought it was a good time to introduce Tucson Teaser Tuesdays! 

Our website is still a great place to find all of your go-to Tika treasures,
but those of you who come visit us at trade shows know that we always bring
a great selection of beads, jewelry and textiles not available online. 

These handmade bracelets are strung on a durable stretch elastic and feature
a classy combo of Antique African Trade beads with hand carved bone and brass. 

Come visit us in Tucson to pick yours out in person!