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Large Newspaper Bag, wide ~ nb05

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285 x 394 x 70mm
(approx 11 x 15 x 2½ inches plus handle)

recycled newspapers and twine
Newspaper Gift Bags
$2.00 ea.
Large size Newspaper Bag, with twine handle ~ Jan Sandesh Newspaper Gift Bags are handmade in India, and are novel and surprisingly durable. We are proud to be affiliated with Jan Sandesh who have an income-generating program, providing meaningful work for the women who make these recycled newspaper bags in Delhi.
Using these newspaper bags helps remind us to recycle and be resourceful, while being cool too!!
While we may make an effort to reduce our use of plastic bags (as is mandatory in many parts of the US now), the manufacturing of paper is a major cause of deforestation worldwide, so recycled newspaper serves many purposes.
Please note that each bag will vary slightly in appearance as they are made from recycled newspaper materials.