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Dalai Lama (mix & match) ~ dlp01-mm

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28 x 22 x 6mm (approx 1 inch plus bail)

enamel, brass
$4.00 ea.
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Compassion and Kindness
25 years ago I had the good fortune to hear His Holiness the Dalai Lama speak in Dublin, Ireland. He held us captivated with his presence, wisdom and kindness. He told us of his people and their exile from Tibet, and talked of forgiveness and peace – his eyes twinkled and smiled.
Spiritual leader of the Tibetan people, The Dalai Lama has spent most of his 82 years living in exile, as have over 100,000 Tibetans. Over the years I made friends and business connections with many Tibetan refugees living in Nepal, India and the US. Their friendships have greatly enriched my life.
Tika now donates the profits from the sale of our Dalai Lama pendants to the International Campaign for Tibet. This organization works to keep governments and the public informed, advocates for Tibetans imprisoned for their religious or political beliefs and promotes peaceful solutions, human rights and self-determination for Tibetan people. 

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