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Ashanti Doll ~ pdp098-TCL

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28 x 22 x 6mm(approx 1 inch plus bail)

enamel, brass
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An Ashanti Fertility Doll from the Ashanti tribe of Ghana. The doll represents fertility and youth. It is believed that the dolls can induce pregnancy and ensure safe delivery. Upon the completion of the carving of the doll, the women would take it to the local priest who would bless the doll and conduct fertility rites. After this had been done, the women would then treat the doll like a real child dressing it and putting it to bed. Upon the birth of a daughter, the woman would give the doll to her child to play with. The Ashanti society is matrilineal, family lines being passed from mother to daughter so it is essential that the woman have daughters to perpetuate the family line. The doll demonstrates the Ashanti concept of beauty that is a high oval, flattened forehead.