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October 2021

closeup detail of handcarved wood skull strand
Cheers! Celebrating 1 year of Tika Imports
Beetle Mirage Earrings
assorted shimmerwing jewelry

September 2021

naturaly aromatic sandalwood prayer bead mala in multiple sizes
an assortment of beaded necklaces in rifh Fall colors
photo of the Tika booth at the Evolution show in Denver, CO
show promotion flyer for Hardrock Summit in Denver, CO

August 2021

Odyssia Brass Earrings in brass and sterling silver
Small antique African Trade Bead Strands

July 2021

8mm naturally aromatic palisander rosewood mala8mm naturally aromatic palisander rosewood mala
silk sari face maskssilk sari face masks
Pasadena Bead and Design Show flyer
flat lay with herbs and tumbled crystal multistrand necklace

June 2021

brass statue of Ganesh with umbrella on the beach
mirage bead backdrop for Pasadena Bead and Design show announcement
brass singing bowlsbrass singing bowls

May 2021

large brass statue of Buddha sitting in meditation, surrounded by an altar of natural flowers and crystals
Sterling silver pendant featuring natural wing casing from the Sternocera aequisignata beetle and iolite, set with hinged bail photographed with matching earringsSterling silver pendant featuring natural wing casing from the Sternocera aequisignata beetle and Australian doublet opal, set with hinged bail photographed with matching earrings
Sterling silver earrings featuring the natural wing casings from Sternocera aequisignata beetles.
silver pendant on display in nature

April 2021

moon face pendantmoon face earrings
Tika girl picking up trash while wearing a Tika silk face mask
Tribal chic earrings displayed out in nature
tika dream team in Tucson
tika team in tucson
Bill and Ellen in Tika's Tucson showroomassorted merchandise on display in Tika's Tucson showroom
Tika packed up and ready to get on the road to Tucsonunloaded and ready to start setting up Tika's Tucson showroom

March 2021

an assortment of beautiful cabochons
snake vertebrae choker worn as a hat band
Tika's in-house stone carverAnadara fossil shell cabochons
Tika team preparing for Tucson
new carved bone mala bracelets shown being worn with hands in prayer

February 2021

silk sari face masks
Bird Skull PendantsBird Skull Pendants
Bird Skull Pendant mandala
Snake Vertebrae Jewelry with adjustable linen cord closureSnake Vertebrae Jewelry with adjustable linen cord closure

January 2021

Tika girl Jessica, packing for PowWow Show in Quartzsite, AZ
enamel pendant featuring Drr. Martin Luther King Jr
an assortment of micro mirage bracelets changing color
Secrecy garden sterling silver and rose quartz pendant

December 2020

Silk face masks handmade by our Fair Trade partners in Nepal
closeup detail of Large Beaded Dress Flowercloseup detail of Large Beaded Dress Flower
silver lotus pendant