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A Taste of Tika

Welcome to our blog, A Taste of Tika! The blog documents day to day activities, trade shows, products and a taste of life here in Northern California! 

October 2020

June 2020

large blue butterfly pendant nestled in Spring flowers
Black lives matter flat lay with African brass bicones

May 2020

Finished necklace using antique trade beads
Odyssia brass earrings nestled in spring flowers
Micro mirage beads nestled in the flowers

March 2020

Small brass Buddha hand pendants
Lotus flower copper amulet pendants

February 2020

office dog Kaya modeling the Sun Ray necklace
coastal view on a return flight from Tucson
vintage wayang puppet on display in TucsonTika girls in Tucson
Tika girls in TucsonTika's show room in Tucson

January 2020

A collection of Tika treasures
packing for Tucson
new micro mirage stretch bracelets
packing for Tucson in the Tika officepacking for Tucson in the Tika office

December 2019

Bodhi the office kitty
Tika ladies
Tika girl Corrine cuddling with Poppy the office kitty

November 2019

potpourri tiny tassels
an appealing assortment of Tika treasures
Odyssia brass earrings photographed in nature

October 2019

Tika office dog dressed up in skull mala and bracelets
Tika girl Corrine with her customized bag custom bag embellished with Tika items- closeup of dress flowers and Afghani textile
view from the Tika office
Tika girls at the Denver InterGem showTika girls at the Denver InterGem show

September 2019

antique beads
carefree kitten in singing bowl

August 2019

shimmerwing jewelrybeautiful digital collage artwork by collective collage

July 2019

new Micro Mirage bracelet designs
colorful new jewelry items
visual diagram of circular economy - reduce, reuse, recycle
mandala made from Brass Eagle Pendants
plastic shipping supplies
red white and blue mandala made from a variety of Tika treasures

June 2019

closeup detail of silver pendant featuring borosilicate art glass and bumble bee jasper
Nepalese Fair Trade partners making Silk Sari Drawstring PouchesNepalese Fair Trade partners making Silk Sari Drawstring Pouches
a selection of new items, recently added
birthday flowersTika Girls celebrating