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Tika Girls prepping for a party!
Aimee, one of our Irish guests of honor, is shown here being adorned with one of the brand new Shimmerwing Necklaces now available on our website!

Need a precious pachyderm in your life? We have just the fellow.

handcarved baby elephant netsuke

Today’s Mandala Monday features.... African Trade Beads!
The possibilities are endless with these antique beauties 

Getting lost in the details of these Sacred Spiral Earrings

Happy International Workers’ Day!
Here’s a little behind-the-scenes look at two Tika Girls, working hard to photograph some new treasures to share with you. We are proud supporters of workers and craftspeople around the world through the many wonderful products that we carry. Thank you to our amazing customers who make it all possible!

We are loving these new Gem Boxes! What will you keep in yours?

You may have noticed that we’ve been adding some incredible vintage textiles to our website lately.
Here’s a collection of sweet little detail shots to get your week started...
Happy Mandala Monday
 and Happy Earth Day!

We’re going to do something a little different today for #flashbackfriday and show you the BACK of this beautiful Vintage Saye Gosha.
We love the vintage fabrics that line many of our old, one-of-a-kind textiles, but there’s something special about these un-lined pieces as well. The reverse pattern is visually interesting, and it allows us a glimpse into the creation process of these traditional embroidered treasures.

Today’s Mandala Monday features our new Zodiac Sacred Symbol Pendant. This mandala-style pendant represents the 12 signs of the Western Astrological Zodiac and is available in white brass (shown here) or copper. Cruise on over to the New Items section of our website to see more Sacred Symbol Pendants and so many other recently added treasures.

It’s a lovely day to take a walk in the garden

Wayang Puppets (1870)
Hover text: 
Vintage Wayang Puppets from Java, Indonesia

It’s a Mandala Monday happy dance, brought to you by our beautiful Gem Boxes...
the newest arrival in The Sunday Souq!