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A Taste of Tika

Welcome to our blog, A Taste of Tika! The blog documents day to day activities, trade shows, products and a taste of life here at Tika Imports in Northern California! 

Like many people this past week, we have been following the news of catastrophic fires burning through the Amazon Rainforest.

For many years we have been working closely with our suppliers in Peru who handcraft our line of Shimmerwing Jewelry, and work to conserve butterfly habitat and reduce deforestation in this extremely bio-diverse part of the world.

It is understandable to feel helpless when destruction like this happens on such a large scale. We are compelled to find a way, however small, to make a difference and help the healing that is needed for our planet and the innocent lives impacted by such a tragic event.

If you too are looking for a way to contribute, please consider joining us in our fundraising efforts. From now through Thursday (August 29th) at midnight, all profits from the sale of ANY of Tika’s Shimmerwing products will be donated to a handful of organizations that are doing good work to help protect and preserve the “lungs of our planet”. We hope these tropical jewels of the jungle help serve as a reminder of the precious beauty and impermanence of life here on this planet.

We’ve been too busy to take pretty pictures for you because we’ve been planning and packing for Denver!
You’ll find us at the InterGem Show (
www.intergem.com) booth #150 from Sept 12th -15th.
We’re hoping to see some familiar faces along with all the new ones, stop by and say hi!

We all know how much fun it is to wear these thermo-sensitive Mirage Beads, but stringing them is just as enjoyable!
We’re creating new designs over here and had to share this behind-the-scenes color changing palette with you.

Cooking up some new goodies, coming your way soon!

We love this post from our local creative reuse center, Scrap Humboldt. 
Such a good visual reminder of how important it is not only to recycle, but to repair and reuse items as well! 

New Addition to The Sunday Souq!

Reposting this video series from our stories because it’s Plastic Free July.

Not only are these little beauties made from recycled materials, they make a very cute and reusable replacement for plastic bags! 

That’s right, we’re talking about plastic.

Tika is in the business of importing goods from around the world and shipping orders out to our customers, so plastic is an inevitable part of life here at the office. It is an incredibly useful material for packing, protecting and transporting the wide variety of objects we carry and we like to think of it as a “precious” material.

We are also very mindful of the negative impact plastics are having on the environment and we take many steps to reduce our consumption of single-use plastics. From re-using plastic bags and shipping materials to ongoing conversations with our suppliers about reducing unnecessary waste when sending goods to us, we are making adjustments all the time to help make Tika even more environmentally friendly.

Because this month is Plastic Free July, we have been inspired to revisit the conversation about ways in which we can continue to minimize our use of plastics.

How are you reducing single-use plastic in your daily life or in your work place? We would love to hear your ideas and suggestions, let’s help each work towards a plastic-free future!

Today’s mandala was inspired by the lovely post made by Kathy Klein @kathydanmala
“Our flag is red, white and blue, but our nation is a rainbow — red, yellow, brown, black and white — and we’re all precious in God’s sight.” - Jesse Jackson

We wanted to wrap up the week with this incredible detail of a new,
one-of-kind silver pendant that we just added to the website.
Any guesses about the materials showcased in this wearable piece of art?

Aaaaaand, we wanted to give you one last reminder that our Midsummer Giveaway ends in just a couple days. Any orders over $100 placed before July 1st will include a gift of
25 Small Silk Sari Drawstring Pouches!

Across The Galaxy (5819)
Hover text: 
Sterling silver pendant featuring borosilicate art glass and bumble bee jasper

Meet our Nepalese Fair Trade partners responsible for making our much-loved Silk Sari Drawstring Pouches.

The women who hand make these pouches are able to support their families with the fair wages they earn. Just one more reason to love these little beauties! 

You’ve still got time to take advantage of our Midsummer Giveway, receive a gift of 25 Silk Sari Drawstring Pouches with any order over $100 through June 30th!

How are you celebrating Summer Solstice?
We’re having a pouch party! 

Don’t miss out on our Midsummer Giveaway, you have one more week to receive a gift of 25 Silk Sari Drawstring Pouches with any order over $100! 

We are constantly adding new items to our website and now is a great time to go explore those new products because of our Midsummer Giveaway!

From now through June 30th we will be including 25 Small Silk Sari Drawstring Pouches with all orders over $100 as our gift to you!

shw642 - Sunset Teardrop Necklace (6058)
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Sunset Teardrop Shimmerwing Necklace
brs351 - Reclining Ganesh (5924)
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Reclining Ganesh small brass statue
ssp41 - Tree of life (gold-tone) (5933)
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Tree of Life brass Sacred Symbol Pendant