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A Taste of Tika

Welcome to our blog, A Taste of Tika! The blog documents day to day activities, trade shows, products and a taste of life here at Tika Imports in Northern California! 

We don’t mess around when it comes to our Tucson packing list!
We’re constantly refining and organizing the items, quantities and displays that we bring from year to year.
I’m sure this is no surprise to those of you who get to see our final set-up at the Tucson Gem and Mineral show, but since we just finished our final review of this year’s packing list it seemed appropriate to share this rare glimpse into the process behind the end-result.

Celebrating women around the world, today and every day!

What do you do when the sun comes out after weeks of endless rain? 
You take your new necklaces outside for a photoshoot! 
This Beaded Naga Style Necklace is our newest addition to The Sunday Souq, available in brown and black.

Beaded Naga Style Necklace (5899)
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Beaded Naga Style Necklace available in black and brown
The Sunday Souq (1965)
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Beads, jewelry and one of a kind curiosities

We’re big fans of combining unexpected materials around here, and this delicate filigree pendant featuring an intricately carved ojime bead is the perfect example of just that.

Quan Yin Face (60)
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handcarved boxwood ojime bead featuring Quan Yin
Silver Pendants (1831)
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All available silver pendants

Can you imagine how excited we were when this treasure (the only remaining Tika business card from 2001) made an appearance in the office this week!?! We couldn’t wait to share this gorgeous throwback with the rest of you.

Throwback to fun times in Tucson earlier this month

In honor of #textiletuesday please enjoy this gorgeous embroidered suzani, currently adorning the home of one of our very own Tika girls.

Thanks to all the wonderful folks who came out and showed us so much love in Tucson this year!
We’ll see you next time

This morning our lovely Vintage Wayang Puppet got a closer look at some of our ancient beads

This vintage Wayang Puppet was tired of just sitting around looking pretty and decided to do a little shopping of her own. She even took a minute to relax and enjoy a cookie and a cup of tea at the end of the day!

Shimmering mermaid Morgan!

shw306 - Large Pearl Blue Necklace (5663)
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Large Pearl Blue Shimmerwing Necklace

Tucson textures continued

Tucson textures!

New Carved Bone Mala and Bracelets! Just a few of the many exciting new items for you to discover when you visit our room at the Pueblo Gem Show, room # 144