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Nothing like a great necklace (and some sweet cuddles) to get you through Monday.

Potpourri Tiny Tassels are now back in stock... let the crafting begin!

Tiny Tassels (10pc) (5595)
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Tiny Tassels available in 10pc assortments

A little something for everyone!

Seeking the light, even while embracing these shorter, darker days.

Odyssia Brass Earrings (1832)
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Odyssia Brass Earring collection
Cleo (sm) (5757)
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Small Cleo Odyssia Brass Earrings

Meet Kaya, our office dog. She’s dressing up as a Tika Girl for Halloween and made things extra spooky by accessorizing with our Bone Skull Mala and Bracelets
... and if you hadn’t already noticed, we have the Small Bone Skull Mala back in stock!!!

Don’t you love it when you finally get around to finishing a project!?!
You may remember this bag from one of our posts last December. Corrine took some of her Tika treasures and transformed this bag into a truly one-of-kind creation with her own custom embellishments.
What have you Tika-fied? Send us photos, we’d love to see!

Loving the Autumn light in our new office!
Hope you all have a great weekend.

Throwback to one of many gorgeous sunsets we got to enjoy from our OLD office. That’s right, you haven’t heard from us in a while because we’ve been busy moving into some new digs! We’re exhausted and excited and happy to be getting back into the usual Tika groove.

Come by the Tika booth and wish Julie a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

If you’re heading to Denver in search of antique beads... you’re in luck! Stop by Tika’s booth (#150) at the InterGem Show Sept 12th-15th to see our great collection of antique beads and so much more.

For more info visit our Show Schedule page


TGIF! May your weekend be as carefree as this kitten getting cozy in one of our singing bowls.

Like many people this past week, we have been following the news of catastrophic fires burning through the Amazon Rainforest.

For many years we have been working closely with our suppliers in Peru who handcraft our line of Shimmerwing Jewelry, and work to conserve butterfly habitat and reduce deforestation in this extremely bio-diverse part of the world.

It is understandable to feel helpless when destruction like this happens on such a large scale. We are compelled to find a way, however small, to make a difference and help the healing that is needed for our planet and the innocent lives impacted by such a tragic event.

If you too are looking for a way to contribute, please consider joining us in our fundraising efforts. From now through Thursday (August 29th) at midnight, all profits from the sale of ANY of Tika’s Shimmerwing products will be donated to a handful of organizations that are doing good work to help protect and preserve the “lungs of our planet”. We hope these tropical jewels of the jungle help serve as a reminder of the precious beauty and impermanence of life here on this planet.

We’ve been too busy to take pretty pictures for you because we’ve been planning and packing for Denver!
You’ll find us at the InterGem Show (
www.intergem.com) booth #150 from Sept 12th -15th.
We’re hoping to see some familiar faces along with all the new ones, stop by and say hi!

We all know how much fun it is to wear these thermo-sensitive Mirage Beads, but stringing them is just as enjoyable!
We’re creating new designs over here and had to share this behind-the-scenes color changing palette with you.

Cooking up some new goodies, coming your way soon!