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Anybody else experiencing extremely chapped hands these days?

Dearest Friends, Customers and Community

The Tucson dust is still settling here in our Northern California office. It takes a while for our small crew to process all the inventory, orders and new customer information after such an event. So here we are, reflecting on the recent Tucson Gem Show where we were able to connect in person with so many of you and wondering how to maintain those connections during these changing times.

Here at Tika, we’ve been looking at the ways we can continue to support the small businesses in our area so that the rich tapestry of our community continues to thrive after the immediate health concerns have passed. Ideas such as ordering take-out from local restaurants, purchasing gift certificates that can be used for in-store shopping at a later date, and calling local stores to get personal shopping assistance over the phone for later pick-up or to be shipped. Do you have other suggestions on how we can reach out and support each other through this time? Please let us know!

There is an impressive offering of tools and resources being generously provided online to help people stay calm and manage their stress levels. One of our favorites is this great video posted by our fellow Tika Girl, Britta on finding your p.e.a.c.e. in tumultuous times. We’ve also seen free yoga and dance classes being offered online, and even some paid apps opening up free memberships to make their services available to all. In addition to offerings like these, it seems like a lot of people are embracing the opportunity to slow down from their usual pace of life and spend a little more time outside in nature. What are some of the ways you’ve been coping with the extra tension these days?

So many of you are incredibly creative and we would love to hear some of the ways you are staying inspired and engaged with your creative process and with the greater community. Are you thrilled to finally have the time to get through that stack of unfinished projects? Has it been helpful to revisit your crafting or beading supplies as a way to unwind when things get too heavy? Have you been tapping into online tutorials or workshops seeking project ideas for your kids who are at home with you? Are you using social media or video chats to stay connected with your peers, mentors, instructors, friends and family?

Currently, there is a Shelter-in-Place mandate here in Humboldt County, CA and our small (heavily sanitized!) office crew is working independently from our homes and Tika is operating on a limited basis. We are still shipping out orders, albeit just a little slower than usual!

Let’s stay connected! Let’s support each other and together we will get through this!

Want to share some tips or tricks that have been helping you stay connected? Reach out and let us know, we’d love to hear from you. There are many ways to connect with us, see the “Contact Us” page or click on any of our social media links.

Wishing you all much health and happiness,
Julie and all of us at Tika

These blooming beauties are back in stock!

We always enjoy our time in the Tucson desert during the Gem and Mineral show... but it sure is nice to come home!

Never a dull moment here in the Tika booth

More fun times in Tucson!

Here’s a few snap shots from our opening weekend so far. Stay tuned, there’s more to come!

And we’re open!
Come by and see our colorful spread of treasures at the Pueblo Gem Show, room 144.

It’s Tucson Time! After weeks of planning and packing, everything is ready to be loaded into the truck and trailer. Soon Julie and David will start their journey south, and this time next week we will be setting up our space at the Pueblo Gem Show! Hope to see you there!

We hope you can forgive us for missing yesterday’s Tucson Teaser Tuesday! We were so busy packing for the show the day just slipped by. We’re trying to make up for it today by sharing one of the NEW items you’ll find in our booth this year! These Micro Mirage Bracelets are super lightweight and so much fun to mix and match. They are strung on durable stretch elastic and are quick to change colors as you wear them. We hope you love ‘em as much as we do! For those of you who can’t make it to Tucson this year, we just added these bracelets to our website so feel free to check out all the available styles and let us know what you think!

It’s our first Tucson Teaser Tuesday of 2020! 
We are busy planning and packing for the Tucson Gem Show and as usual we have a collection of new treasures to share with you all!

Throwback Thursday in honor of our beloved Bodhi, forever Tika’s office kitty.

These decorative, Enameled Brass Bells are perfect for ringing in any season.

Look at these happy Tika Chica’s!
We are so lucky to have such amazing customers! Some of you we get to see in person at trade shows, others we interact with mostly over the phone or email. Regardless of how you interact with Tika, we appreciate you! And sometimes our gratitude overflows, like when we receive a beautiful gift of delicious chocolates and the sweetest card wishing us a happy Holiday season.