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then building the bones of the display..

what exactly is Tika's Tucson Show?
well it starts with a hotel room emptied of furniture at Tucson's HoJo on 1010 south freeway.

Inspired by Nature - a sneak peek at one of our new lines, Copper Peacock Feather Pendants!!

Britta made it - all the way from Arcata, via Paris by her stylin' I reckon. A great busy day for all at the LA Show, with many friends and customers coming to visit and pick out new Tika items ~ somehow the booth came together like a dream and my Tika-Girls look great!
too bad I am here back at home taking care of things and can't see it myself

As wild winter storms hit Trinidad and with the exception of Britta whom is sadly still weather-locked back at home, we are all here at the LA Show beginning the marathon task of building Tika's booth... these pictures show day 1, the bones, but a transformation is guaranteed with team Tika - Danielle, Diane, Kate, Mo and Julie all here!

We hope everyone had a fabulous holiday! Here at Tika, we continued our tradition of dinner out on the town at our favorite local restaurant, Brick & Fire.

Just another sunset over the Pacific ocean, no big deal

Sunset over Trinidad Harbor

Bodhi and Poppy, supervising the bird feeder outside the office window

Seed and seed-pod Prayer Beads ~

Rudraksha trees are large evergreens, found most commonly in Indonesia, and in smaller numbers in Nepal and India. Brought to pop culture's attention by the cover of Elizabeth Gilbert's best selling novel, Eat Pray Love, Rudraksha seeds are believed to symbolize the link between heaven and earth.Typically used by Hindus as well as Sikhs and Buddhists, these seeds date back to use in prayer bead strands from at least the 10th century.
One particular Hindu legend states that upon opening His eyes after a long period of Yogic meditation, Lord Shiva, because of extreme fulfillment, shed a tear. This single tear from Shivas eye grew into the Rudraksha tree.

3mm Necklace Collection- Sandalwood, Ebony, Rosewood, and Bone We've recently added three new styles of 3mm necklaces to our Mala catalog. The newest additions are made from Water Buffalo Bone, and come in White, Tea-Stain and Dark finishes. Great as necklaces or prayer bead strands or loose in a design of your own creation! 

A Halloween inspired Skull Mala cluster! Because after all, death never goes out of style Skulls continue to grow and flourish in popularity- Whether used as prayer beads in meditation or worn as a fashion statement, skulls surround us in popular culture, providing an avenue in which to connect with the ultimate profound mystery that awaits us all. Our selection of beautiful hand-carved skull beads continues to grow. Pictured here is an array of wrist Mala stretch bracelets. 

Antique Silver Afghani Torque; all silver adorned with glass cabochons. Just one of the gems found in our Antique Collection.

Antique Afghani Gold Earrings. Hollow form segments with faceted glass set on front side, cloisonne enamel on back side, with Pearl dangles and standard gauge stud earwires. To see more Antique beauties from our recently added collection, visit our Antique Collection! These pieces are one-of-a-kind and not to be missed.