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Meet the glorious new display cases of Tika! Beautifully styled by the lovely miss Danielle d'Usseau, these glass cases feature antique and ancient jewelry from around the world as well as contemporary Tika originals such as Shimmerwings.
Come take a look for yourself! We are located at the Pueblo Show, Riverpark Inn, room 144 from now until February 12th in Tucson!

Silver slippers! This pair of sterling silver shoes (yes, they were actually worn) deserves its own post!
Designed and constructed in Kashmir in the 1920's.

A blast of Tika!
Photos of our display case in the lobby of the Riverpark Inn at the Pueblo Show in Tucson.

Tika girls afterhours silliness!

Mizz Tika herself, the fabulously fantastic Julie Joynt.

A groundhog day Tika Chica portrait!
L to R: Diane, Danielle, Julie and Britta.

Welcome to Tika in Tucson!
Our gorgeous shop is open and ready for business! Come see us at the Pueblo Gem Show, Riverpark Inn, room 144.

Pay no attention to the pouches behind the curtain!
Tika girls on the sly with our hand-crafted drawstring bag shelving unit.

Tucson, Step One: Construct a shop from an empty hotel room (and stay hydrated!) In progress...

meet Charlie, Aka Chuckles, Britta's new supervisor.. we searched high and low for someone as cute as me to keep an eye on her out in the field


California Gift Show: Day 3! Still at it, still lookin' good

California Gift Show: Day 1 Tika girls ready to roll
(Danielle, Cori, Diane, Julie & Britta)

Shoppers young and old enjoying the splendor that is Tika!