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Say hello to Lonzo and Jessica at the “Tika annex” at Rapa River in Tucson.

Greetings from Tucson!
Swipe through to get the most out of your Tika Tuesday and if you are here in Tucson come see us in person! Room 144 at the Pueblo Gem Show

Well this week’s Tika Tuesday is just a big TEASE! The Tika team is in Tucson with boxes stacked floor-to-ceiling and working hard to set up our showroom at the Pueblo Gem and Mineral Show.

We have so many exciting new items and Show Specials available on some favorite Tika originals. Come by and say hi, we’ll be in room 144 from 4/8-4/20.

That’s right, Tika is now carrying an incredible assortment of stone cabochons.
These beauties aren’t currently available on our website, but will be on display along side all our other Tika treasures in Tucson.
You’ll find us in the usual spot, room 144 at the Pueblo Gem Show from April 8th - April 20th.

Want to accessorize, but jewelry isn’t really your thing?
Our Snake Vertebrae Chokers also work great as a hat band!

What do we have planned for this week’s Tika Tuesday you might ask?

* Anadara Fossil Shells *

These unique fossil shells from the Miocene era are found along what we now call the Northern California coast. The interesting range of patterns and shades are reminiscent of those found in indigenous textiles, pottery and woven baskets.

Scroll through to see the Tika team working hard to get these beauties carved and polished for Tucson. We will be bringing a great selection of cabochons for all you designers out there, along with ready-to-wear sterling silver jewelry.

Come find us at the Pueblo Gem Show, room #144 April 8th- April 20th

We are usually quite busy this time of year with post-Tucson tasks. Unpacking, sorting stock, organizing, putting things away and updating our lists for next year.

This year is different of course with the Tucson Gem and Mineral show being rescheduled for April. We are still busy little bees, but all of our tasks are getting us ready for the big show.

If you are planning on making the trip to Tucson this year, come check out what we’ve been up to! We will have great new items along with the old favorites you’ll be looking to stock up on.

Help! We have 3 great new Mala Bracelets and can’t decide which style is our favorite!
What’s yours?

Our Silk Face Masks have been restocked and we have a beautiful selection on hand,
ready to ship out!

~ Made from upcycled, vintage silk saris
~ Handcrafted by our Fair Trade partners in Nepal
~ 3-layer construction made to WHO guidelines
~ Available in two great styles, pleated Rectangle or Cone with adjustable ear straps.
~ Each piece is unique, just like you! ;)

In case you missed it, we have some fantastic new items for you to check out!

It’s Mandala Monday and we are pretty excited to be showcasing one of our newest product lines to hit the website ~ these beautifully cast, miniature bronze Bird Skull Pendants.

Available in Hummingbird or multiple sizes of Raven skull, each style comes in 3 different metal finishes.

Ready for ssssome ssspecial new itemsssssss? 

This jewelry is made from vertebrae of farm-raised pythons in Thailand where they are used for their ornamental leather and meat. The vertebrae are a by-product of this existing industry, making sure no piece goes to waste and creating unique, wearable accessories in the process. We now offer two different adjustable bracelet sizes and chokers that can be worn as a necklace or hatband.

Tika misses you! 
We are all missing our annual trip to the Tucson dessert, where we get to unfurl our trove of treasures and interact face-to-face with our amazing customers (that’s you!).

The Pueblo Gem Show has been postponed until April, but we are feeling that Tucson spirit this week and have decided to offer FREE SHIPPING on all orders through Feb 9th.

Stay safe, stay healthy, hope to see you this Spring!

The Tucson Gem and Mineral show has been postponed until April, but we’re making a last minute appearance at the PowWow show in Quartzite, AZ January 20-24th (see details below).

If you can make it, stop by and say hello to Jessica, a talented jeweler and the newest member of our Tika team! She and Bill will be at the Tika booth (545-546) introducing our new assortment of stone cabochons along with many Tika favorites.

There are 50+ showcases on display inside the building of beautiful gems, minerals, and jewelry. This show is all about rocks, minerals and gems!

PowWow Show
235 Ironwood St
Quartzite, AZ 85346

Wed Jan 20th- Sun Jan 24th
9am- 6pm
Booths 545-546

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May we take inspiration from his wise leadership and commit to doing better!