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A Taste of Tika

Welcome to our blog, A Taste of Tika! The blog documents day to day activities, trade shows, products and a taste of life here at Tika Imports in Northern California! 

Embracing the turning of the seasons ...

Halloween is right around the corner,
our Bone Skull Bracelets might just be the perfect accessory for your costume this year!

Peacock feathers and copper - the perfect combo for fall

Inside painted glass bottles.
That's right, each of these delicate glass bottles has been hand painted from the inside!
4 piece assortments available in The Sunday Souq!

These magical little tea light candle holders don't even need a flickering flame to make an impact.
Perfect to brighten up your home!

We get lots of comments from people passing through our room at the Tucson Gem Show. Most are expressing amazement and wonder at the huge transformation this humble hotel room goes through after we give it a good dose of Tika girl magic.
A couple years ago we decided to try documenting this process, so here's a little taste of two and a half weeks condensed into one minute

How to make a frog sing...

These Blue Morpho Shimmerwing Earrings look great any season, but they're shining extra bright on today's Autumn Equinox.

Who's excited for the Tucson Gem Show!?!
Ok, ok, it's still several months away but we're already gathering up some fun new pieces for the Tika booth and thought you'd enjoy a sneak peak

We had a very special birthday brunch today in celebration of this very special birthday girl

Looking for a little pop of color? These Candy Cube Glass Earrings might be the perfect solution! Available in four gem-tones as modeled on Tika Girl Corrine

Naga Brass Disc Necklace ~ Inspired by traditional pieces from Nagaland