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Micro Mirage Necklaces, showing off their mesmerizing color-changing abilities.
If you haven’t seen these in person before, now is a great time to check them out as they have New Lower Prices!

A little pop of color goes a long way on a wet and stormy Spring day

Tiny, Small and Original Wood Skull Mala and stretch Mala Bracelets.
Now available individually or in 10pc assortments!

Most of you probably know that we offer a great selection of Prayer Bead Mala in a variety of materials, but did you know that we also carry a colorful assortment of Guru Beads and Tassels?
These components are perfect for making your own mala, incorporating into jewelry designs and much more!

Well it’s really feeling like Spring around here!
Of all the blossoms sprouting up, this Smart Flower is our current favorite!
After a long, patient wait it is officially up and running, gathering enough energy from the sun to make Tika a mostly solar-powered business!

Who else is excited for Spring!?!

Wishing you all a very happy St Patrick’s Day weekend
from the Irish lass and all of us here at Tika

Sweet embroidered detail on one of our vintage Toran from Gujarat, India.
Just one of the many one-of-a-kind treasures you'll find in the "Antique Collection"

Today’s Mandala Monday features NEW Shimmerwing shapes!
Do you have a favorite?

Bodhi’s Public Service Announcement:

Make sure to get your catnaps in now because we’ll lose an hour of sleep when we
“spring forward” this weekend!
Oh, and don’t forget to change those clocks...

We love being able to offer these charming Newspaper Gift Bags!

These unique bags are made using recycled newspapers, which helps reduce plastic and other consumer waste. They are surprisingly durable so you can use them again and again!

Most of all, we are thrilled to help support Jan Sandesh - the income generating program in Delhi, India which provides meaningful work opportunity for the women making these bags.

Of course all 5 styles are available on our website along with the rest of our Gift Bags.

For those of you who have already seen Black Panther, you probably noticed the amazing costume design referencing traditional African adornment. The antique African Trade Beads pictured here continue to be a source of inspiration for designers, collectors and jewelry enthusiasts around the globe.

Happy Valentine’s Day from our hearts to yours