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A Taste of Tika

Welcome to our blog, A Taste of Tika! The blog documents day to day activities, trade shows, products and a taste of life here at Tika Imports in Northern California! 

Help! We have 3 great new Mala Bracelets and can’t decide which style is our favorite!
What’s yours?

Our Silk Face Masks have been restocked and we have a beautiful selection on hand,
ready to ship out!

~ Made from upcycled, vintage silk saris
~ Handcrafted by our Fair Trade partners in Nepal
~ 3-layer construction made to WHO guidelines
~ Available in two great styles, pleated Rectangle or Cone with adjustable ear straps.
~ Each piece is unique, just like you! ;)

In case you missed it, we have some fantastic new items for you to check out!

It’s Mandala Monday and we are pretty excited to be showcasing one of our newest product lines to hit the website ~ these beautifully cast, miniature bronze Bird Skull Pendants.

Available in Hummingbird or multiple sizes of Raven skull, each style comes in 3 different metal finishes.

Ready for ssssome ssspecial new itemsssssss? 

This jewelry is made from vertebrae of farm-raised pythons in Thailand where they are used for their ornamental leather and meat. The vertebrae are a by-product of this existing industry, making sure no piece goes to waste and creating unique, wearable accessories in the process. We now offer two different adjustable bracelet sizes and chokers that can be worn as a necklace or hatband.

Tika misses you! 
We are all missing our annual trip to the Tucson dessert, where we get to unfurl our trove of treasures and interact face-to-face with our amazing customers (that’s you!).

The Pueblo Gem Show has been postponed until April, but we are feeling that Tucson spirit this week and have decided to offer FREE SHIPPING on all orders through Feb 9th.

Stay safe, stay healthy, hope to see you this Spring!

The Tucson Gem and Mineral show has been postponed until April, but we’re making a last minute appearance at the PowWow show in Quartzite, AZ January 20-24th (see details below).

If you can make it, stop by and say hello to Jessica, a talented jeweler and the newest member of our Tika team! She and Bill will be at the Tika booth (545-546) introducing our new assortment of stone cabochons along with many Tika favorites.

There are 50+ showcases on display inside the building of beautiful gems, minerals, and jewelry. This show is all about rocks, minerals and gems!

PowWow Show
235 Ironwood St
Quartzite, AZ 85346

Wed Jan 20th- Sun Jan 24th
9am- 6pm
Booths 545-546

A lot of work needs to be done before we will live up to Dr. King’s dream of equality and justice for ALL people living in this country.
May we take inspiration from his wise leadership and commit to doing better!

The start of a new year is a great time to think about change.

Are you in need of a little change in your life?
If so, we’d like to suggest our COLOR CHANGING Micro Mirage Bracelets! These pieces are so much fun to wear. They are comfortable and lightweight, but best of all, they are constantly changing color according to your body temperature.

New Year? New Tika Treasures! 

We are continuously working to update the selection of goods we offer online. Check out the *New Items* on our website to see what we’ve been up to!

Photographed here - “Secret Garden” sterling silver and rose quartz pendant. This unique design features a beautifully handcrafted floral setting and is available now in our New Items!

It’s the final Tika Tuesday of 2020 and we can’t think of a better way to mark the occasion than introducing you all to our NEW Silk Face Masks.

These beauties are handmade from recycled silk saris by our Fair Trade partners in Nepal.                          Two great styles to choose from, each piece made to WHO regulations.

It’s Tika Tuesday!

This week we wanted to share some details from these intricately beaded Large Dress Flowers, just added to the website.

These one-of-a-kind traditional amulets are treasured for their unique patterns, textures and color combinations. Perfect for sewing on clothing, making accessories, or adorning your home. Once you start collecting, it’s hard to stop!

- Beaded Dress Flowers (1858)
Hover text: 
tiny, small, medium and large Dress Flowers

These beautiful, Silver Lotus Pendants are handmade by our silversmiths in Java, Indonesia using traditional repoussé techniques. That means no piece is exactly the same, each one a unique creation and a great gift idea for that special someone.

If you’d like to get your hands on one, they are available now in our Silver Pendants category  (link below). We will be adding more unique silver pendants to our website this week, so make sure to keep your eye on our New Items!

Gift-giving season is upon us!
We have a great selection of gift bags in different sizes, shapes and fabric options.
Check out the links below to find your favorites!

~ Giving Thanks ~
Gathering with friends and family might look a little different this year, but it’s still a great time to cultivate gratitude and give thanks.

And it’s ALWAYS a good time to deepen our commitment to showing up for Indigenous people, but especially now that it is Native American Heritage Month. 

How are you shifting your Holiday traditions this year? We’d love to hear from you!