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We’re not out of the woods yet folks! L.A. County has recently reinstated its mask mandate for indoor gatherings. 

We are packed up and ready to head to the Pasadena Bead & Design Show and we are making sure to bring a stash of our Silk Face Masks! These masks are handcrafted by our Fair Trade partners in Nepal with 3-layer construction to meet WHO guidelines.

Stay safe out there!

We are packing up so many treasures to bring to the Pasadena Bead and Design Show July 23rd - 25th!

There are still many treasures to be found (and some incredible deals!) in our Sunday Souq. This is the section of our website where we showcase new items with limited quantities and great prices. They move fast, so if something catches your eye make sure to snag it before it’s gone!

All of your favorite Brass Deity Statuettes and Pendants have been restocked, now for some Summertime fun in the sun!

We are so excited to announce that Tika will be a vendor at the Pasadena Bead and Design Show July 23rd - 25th!

For the first time, you can order Brass Singing Bowls directly through our website! We have pre-selected 3 piece sets that nest neatly inside of each other for convenient storage and transportation.

All of our bowls our handmade in India and each one comes with a mallet of either plain, or leather wrapped wood.

Of course you can still contact us by phone or email if you are looking for a single bowl, or multiple bowls in different sizes.

Happy June! 

This little garden teaser is being dropped in your feed to let you know that we will be restocking Wayang Puppets on our website very soon! Keep an eye on our New Items for all the latest Tika treasures.

Today may be Tika Tuesday, but tomorrow is Vasek!

The Day of Vasek falls on the day of the full moon in the month of May and is sacred because it commemorates the day that the Buddha was born, the day he attained enlightenment, and the day he passed away.

This is an exceptionally potent time to celebrate the teachings of Buddha. May we continue to breathe life into his message of peace, compassion and goodwill to others.

To mix, or to match?
The choice is yours!
We now have 3 striking Bejeweled Beetle Pendants available online. Each unique piece features wing casings of the Sternocera aequisignata beetle from Northern Thailand, and is hand fabricated with sterling silver and natural gemstones.
Complete the set by adding the Jewel Beetle Earrings, also beautifully set in Sterling silver!

Sterling silver earrings featuring the natural wing casings from Sternocera aequisignata beetles.

Another Tika original, inspired by nature!

Anyone else blown away by that gorgeous full moon last night? 
For those of you who just can’t get enough of that full moon beauty, check out our unique silver jewelry featuring hand carved moon faces and natural gemstones!

Luna (1708)
Hover text: 
silver pendant featuring carved moon face
Moon Dreams (5808)
Hover text: 
silver earrings featuring carved moon faces

Earth Day Every Day!

This Tika girl is taking a break from her office duties to pick up trash at our local wildlife sanctuary.

One more thing to love about our exclusive Silk Sari Face Masks is that they are reusable and don’t end up as trash on the side of the road!

It’s our last day at the Pueblo Gem Show! But we are taking a quick pause to check in with Tika’s home base in the Pacific Northwest where we actually got a little rain last night, yippee! The ceanothus is loving it, and so are these gorgeous, one-of-kind Tribal Chic earrings. More unique treasures like these can be found on our website for those of you who couldn’t make it to see us in Tucson.

Happy Saturday y’all!

Stop by and say hi this weekend... we’ve got some show-only specials for you including new merchandise and great deals! Room #144 at the Pueblo Gem Show through the 20th (just a few more days!)