A Taste of Tika

Welcome to our blog, A Taste of Tika! The blog documents day to day activities, trade shows, products and a taste of life here in Northern California! 

~ Om Rings ~
Fully adjustable bands with the mantra “Om mani padme hum”
Available in 4 different styles or in 10pc assortments.

New silver pendants are now available!

Fall colors reflecting nicely in our Artemis brass earrings,
one of the newest additions to our Odyssia earring line

New seasons require new earrings, am I right?

Happy hump day folks, we’re halfway there!

Tiny... small... original ...
Can’t decide which size you like best?
Lucky you, we now offer 10pc assortments of our Wood Skull Bracelets!

Tika-fyed birthday celebrations are the best! Especially when they honor the Tika queen bee herself.
Happy Birthday to our amazing Julie!

Add a little sweetness to your day with our Honey Drop amber earrings
- pair with a Honey Drop pendant to complete the set

It's been a long work week for these two.

If you need me I’ll be here watching the light dance across this faceted moonstone

What’s black and white and red all over?
Tika’s Treasure Chest Bracelets!
These vibrant stretch bracelets have been a popular item at Trade Shows for years and now they are available on our website as well. Each bracelet is one of a kind, featuring a unique assortment of beads in a variety of different materials.

Feeling crafty?
We have an incredible selection of pre-made Mala in a variety of materials but we also provide the components for you to design and assemble your own unique creations!
Check out our Guru Beads and Tassels selection, you might just get inspired!